It all started with a house.

First off, let me start by saying never in my wildest dreams thought that one day I’d want to start a blog. But, it all started with a house.

Last spring I began house hunting over Memorial Day weekend when a house near my parents had gone up for sale. It was a foreclosure; a beautiful three-story Victorian-style home that needed A LOT of work. My parents pestered me about looking at it, and I wasn’t entirely interested. It was really (too) close to my parents, and I wasn’t sure if I was financially ready for a home just quite yet. I had met with a mortgage agent a few weeks prior just to see what I needed to do to become a home owner, and planned on preparing myself over the next upcoming year to buy a home by the following spring.

The evening of Memorial Day, my parents and I happened to to be out walking my dog through the neighborhood, when we saw a couple emerge from the house with a realtor. The couple didn’t look too pleased with the house and got into their car and drove away. “Go ask if you can take a look,” my mom insisted. So I asked, and the realtor happily showed me the house. Later that night, I was emergency contacting my mortgage agent through Facebook for a mortgage pre-approval (by the way, she was amazing!) and planning a list of all the things that needed to be fixed in the house. My hopes were high to say the least.

Unfortunately, someone outbid me by $13,000 and I didn’t get that house. But with my pre-approval in hand, I started my (exhausting) journey to find a home. After looking at what felt like hundreds of homes, I finally found my first home. It hit the market on a Friday morning in late August, and as soon as I saw it I shot a text to my realtor to go check it out. We went right after work and I was IN LOVE. It was a little smaller than what I had hoped, and wasn’t a two-story home (I’m a sucker for stair cases and upstairs bedrooms). But it checked off quite a few of my other items on my list: attached garage, nice dining area, a fenced in backyard and three bedrooms with a reasonable sized bathroom. The previous owners were DIY warriors themselves, and had done some serious modern updating of their own, but there were a few projects that still needed to be tackled.

After the showing, I turned to my realtor and told him, “I need this to be my house.” We put in the offer that night, and waited. It was the longest wait of my life. The sellers had decided not to look at any offers until Monday evening, and by then there were 7 or 8 other offers on the table. I was nervous all day at work on Monday. Was my offer enough? Was someone going to pay in cash? I was so sick of looking at houses, and I had already lost three other homes due to higher offers. Finally that evening I got the text message that my offer had been chosen! After that, the next two months were a whirlwind of appraisals, inspections, packing and preparing for my closing date. On October 21, 2016, I finally became a home owner.

Now that I’ve been settled in for a few months, and I’m coming up on my one year anniversary of the beginning of my home search, I’m so ready to spend my weekends making this house feel more like home for me and my girls. I’m hoping this blog will be entertaining and helpful for fellow homeowners like myself, and that I can share my ideas, successes (and probably failures too) as I navigate through DIY home improvement projects of all shapes and sizes.


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